Julian Steele, who graduated with a PhD in Physics in 2016, has been awarded the Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences Prize for best thesis. Julian’s PhD dissertation describes a comprehensive body of work in an important emerging area of new materials science; bismuth-containing optoelectronic semiconductors.

Julian’s former supervisor, Prof Roger Lewis explains “The thesis itself is extremely well written, technically excellent and clearly demonstrates that Julian undertook an in-depth study in the field as a PhD student. It develops a strong body of original work based on experimental investigation, all backed up with a solid theoretical framework. The work adds considerably to our understanding of the growth and lattice dynamics of GaAsBi, and the kinetics of Bi transport on the growth surface, utilising a research approach that was exceptionally innovative an original throughout.”

In total, seven first author peer-reviewed articles arose from Julian’s PhD thesis, all published in high-quality journals, confirming the quality of the work and its importance to the wider scientific literature.

Julian is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the photonics laboratory within the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, KU Leuven, (Flanders) Leuven, Belgium.